The Blizzard Party

Coming February 2021.

You’re cordially invited to The Blizzard Party‘s virtual launch event on February 23 at 7:30PM, hosted by Community Books in beautiful Brooklyn, New York, where I’ll be talking with my editor, Sean McDonald. If we’re lucky, the conversation will go completely off the rails. Please join us!

“[A] brilliant debut novel . . . Livings calls to mind the work of Michael Chabon as he brings insight into the way events and circumstances shape his characters’ lives. This is one to savor.” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (starred review)

“[A] first novel that might be called a detour de force: sprawling, discursive, loose-limbed (and impressive) . . . Livings’s nearest model may be the doorstop-sized novels of Tom Wolfe . . . and this book is similarly digressive, maximalist, and prone to old-fashioned manipulations of sentiment. Livings may not quite have Wolfe’s journalistic chops, but he’s a far more skillful and empathetic novelist, and what seems moralistic and preening in Wolfe’s books reads here mostly as playful and nimble . . . One may wonder why a first-time novelist in 2020 would follow the Wolfe/Balzac template for the Novel of Everything . . . but the fact is that Livings, amazingly, pulls it off. An exuberant, everything-and-the-kitchen-sink pleasure.” KIRKUS REVIEWS (starred review)

“[An] ambitious debut . . . [The Blizzard Party] features moments of brilliance, especially in the dialogue and the surprising connections. A literary feast.” ―BOOKLIST