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James Webster’s written a smart essay for Lit Hub about fiction in the age of social media, in which he places The Blizzard Party in the same family tree as Ducks, Newburyport (encyclopaedia novellus) (I made that classification up but it reminds me of Wile Coyote, so I’m leaving it.). Happy company.

If you scroll to the L’s, I swear The Blizzard Party’s in the neighborhood, a Kirkus best book of 2021, dragging down Lish and Lockwood’s property values.

I have a new short story, “River Crossing,” in the Winter 2020 edition of The Paris Review. Featuring mechanical hippos, real hippos, real crocodiles, one menacing eagle.

Here I’m writing about D.H. Lawrence writing about The Leatherstocking novels, in case you needed a dose of the old fashioned (Lawrence has some pretty smart things to say about the current American appetite for carnage).

Here are five things that were central to the writing of the The Blizzard Party, courtesy of Interview magazine.